1 bottle Curry Simple Gourmet Sweet Chili Sauce
1 block cream cheese
1/2 lbs crab meat
Optional: toasted sesame seeds
Optional: roasted garlic
Optional: roasted red pepper
Crackers (I prefer wheat thins)


Toast sesame seeds (optional), allow to cool. Pick crab meat, set aside. Allow cream cheese to warm to room temperature. Mix in the crab meat, garlic, and red pepper. Press mixture into serving bowl, top with sesame seeds and Sweet Chili Sauce. Serve with crackers

Alternatively, shape mixture into shapes using cookie cutters or your imagination, top with sesame seeds and chili sauce, serve with crackers.

We have used this crab/cheese mix at family parties for decades, and it is always a hit. We find new things to top it with, but the sweet chili sauce is the best. I've only recently had the opportunity to try CurrySimple's sweet chili sauce with this family-tested recipe, but it turned out delicious!

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