CurrySimple Sweet Chili Babyback Ribs

Now here is a recipe that I used for dinner for my wife and I a few weeks ago, we are both ribs fans and of course CurrySimple fans as well! Best of both worlds!

Ingredients: Serves Two

  • Slab of thawed Babyback Pork ribs
  • 1-2 cups of CurrySimple Sweet Chili Sauce
  • A lot of aluminum foil
  • Sides - fries, baked potato, veggies, your choice.

  1. Tear off a 2 long pieces of aluminum foil, place ribs on first one
  2. Coat ribs thoroughly in CurrySimple Sweet Chili Sauce
  3. Wrap ribs in first piece of aluminum foil tightly width-wise, wrap the second piece length-wise tightly
  4. Place in oven, set at 250 and braise for at least 4 hours
  5. Once ribs are tender turn up oven to 350-400 and (optionally) brush on your favorite BBQ sauce. Take out once ribs are crispy, 10 min or so.
Serve with side dish, I made roasted potatoes with my ribs, mmmmm

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Its also really good on the grill! Mix the seasonings together into a basting cup and go to town!


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