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New Thai Food Website!

We love everything Thai food and that means more than just curry of course. When traveling through Thailand it is always amazing to try all the different types of Thai street food and what is offered in the local restaurants. We are talking bowls of noodles, fried fish, giant prawns, fresh vegetables and lots of spices. If you are looking to make some of these…


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CurrySimple is part of Gourmet Giveaways!

We are excited to announce we are part of an upcoming contest with Gourmet Giveaways! This will give you and all your friends the opportunity to WIN a bunch of CurrySimple products. Retail value of the prize package will be over $100. This will keep…


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Save 10% OFF your first order!

Let's make this easy. If you want to make some amazing Thai curry creations at home all you need is our CurrySimple sauces. We would like to help entice you to do so with a coupon for signing up for our delicious newsletter.



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CurrySimple turns 6..! Happy Birthday...

We officially went live 1.2.2006 at 4 am! Now six years later we are still rockin' online and in grocery stores like Whole Foods and Earth Fare.

A special thank you to all the support from our great fans over the years. Six years ago we promised to make it easy to cook Thai food at home. Now years later we have stuck to our commitment. 

Take a moment to read some thoughts from our founder Mikey Moran.…


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Curry Sauces - What are the HEAT levels?

Despite popular belief, not all Thai food is spicy. This is even the case when eating in Thailand. Yes of course there are some very HOT dishes but really only about half of a Thai menu is spicy. So what about the CurrySimple Thai curry sauces? The same applies as shown below:


SPICIEST: Green Curry Sauce - This is NOT a hot sauce although does…


Added by CurrySimple on November 17, 2011 at 2:34pm — 1 Comment

Question - Do Any of the CurrySimple Products Contain Dairy?


If you are Lactose Intolerant you will have no worries with CurrySimple products! They are made with fresh coconut milk. It is not an animal product nor does it contain dairy. Eat more curry!



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New CurrySimple Coupon - Save 10%

CurrySimple Facebook fan Jessica Link is very active on our Facebook Fan Page and was complaining she has not seen enough coupons from us. We asked if she needed one and she politely replied "Yes Please!"



Well we listen…


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Product Availability Update

Hello CurrySimple Fans and Friends!

I wanted to quickly update you on our products line. We are currently producing ONLY the (4) curry sauces and (1) coconut soup. You can purchase our Thai food products on Snazzy Gourmet.



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Recipes for Appetizers

I recently had a friend come to me about a party she was hosting. She needed appetizers, and wanted to try something new to her. My family has been topping cream cheese with variations of hot/sweet sauces for decades. I was surprised the first time I learned that not all families use this as a staple at reunions/holiday gatherings!

For my friend, I designed two recipes using two CurrySimple sauces: the Sweet Chili Sauce and the Chili Lime sauce. Both appetizers were delicious, and her… Continue

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Pad Gra Pao

So, the question that CurrySimple prompted us to answer today set off a new storm in my brain. When I was working for a small appliance shop, there was a Thai place across the street. Thursdays were "pad gra pao" days, because that was one of the regular specials. It was sold at a reduced price AND came with a spring roll. Can't beat it!

Each week she made the pad gra pao, it was slightly different. I could tell, in the months before the restaurant closed, that the owner was finding it… Continue

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Curry Simple critiqued by our Thai au pair

We were fortunate to have a Thai Au Pair live with us for 2 years who could cook the best Thai food! What I noticed is it was very time consuming for her to make it. She never measured, just used her sense of taste to adjust the ingredients in her dishes and she didn't make the food you find in Thai restaurants often.

I made Curry Simple a few times throughout her stay, as it is so fast and simple to prepare. She said the curry's were good. She doctored up the Thai soup quite a bit,… Continue

Added by Melissa Kronenberger on August 19, 2010 at 11:30am — 2 Comments

Learning to cook with curry ...

So, most of you have heard me ramble about my BFF's husband, and how I love that he makes us curry for special meals. (He completely rocks!) You've also heard me brag about a couple of local places I love to go to eat curry.

Now, I'm going to learn to COOK curry. I can't wait to receive my first CurrySimple products! Join me at CurrySimple & share your recipes with me! I'll be sharing mine. <3

Added by Angeles W. on August 14, 2010 at 7:11pm — 1 Comment

Join and Win!

We want to add a little fun to our CurrySimple Socialites!

Every month we are going to give away a package of CurrySimple products to a member of the community that is very active. How does it work?

You can greatly improve your chances of winning by doing the following...…


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CurrySimple Retail Orders - Customer Question!

Customer Question:

I cannot seem to purchase items on your website anymore. I get redirected to Snazzy Gourmet. Please advise. Thanks!

CurrySimple Answers:…


Added by CurrySimple on August 14, 2010 at 1:13pm — 1 Comment

Yellow Curried Catfish Nuggets - Customer asks us a question!

James asked us...

"Yellow curried catfish nuggets - I had this dish in a Thai resturant when I lived in Portland Or just was wondering if you had a recipe similar?"

CurrySimple answers...

The recipe probably is not too difficult. The hardest part would be to get the catfish fried like they probably…

Added by CurrySimple on August 13, 2010 at 7:37pm — 1 Comment

My favorite CurrySimple Curry

My favorite curry sauce from CurrySimple is the Massaman Curry. I love the sweet taste, it has a rich flavor without being overwhelming. I've used it on all kinds of meats, in pasta sauces, even on roasted potatoes.

Its also a great starter curry if you're a little nervous about trying what is typically believed to be an extremely hot dish. :-) Its almost always what I use to introduce someone to Thai Curry. :-)

Added by Matthew Montgomery on August 6, 2010 at 9:48am — No Comments

My very favorite CurrySimple

Green curry is my absolute favorite, although I like the others also. The Green Curry is just spicy and flavorful enough that I can add it to my favorite meat or tofu dishes. It is a snap to use and makes for a fast and delicious dinner. I generally add chicken breast, green beans and carrots to mine and pour over steamed rice.

Added by Diana Peters on August 5, 2010 at 5:39pm — No Comments

Combo Package now Available Again!

We have now finished the transition of our online store to It took an extra couple days to get the rest of the combo packages up and we received a bunch of emails concerned we were not going to continue to offer them. They are back!

Another note... Make sure you take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $99 on Snazzy Gourmet. There are hundreds of products to choose…

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How I found CurrySimple

I was actually in Atlanta at a food convention when I first discovered CurrySimple. You guys were sampling your Massaman Curry sauce and I fell in love from first bite. My husband and I LOVE Thai food so as my souvenir for him from my trip I brought home a few pouches of curry sauce. We were hooked and have been ordering more ever since. We have curry once a week in our house and it is always a special night when it makes it to our table!

Added by Melissa Jones on August 3, 2010 at 11:48pm — No Comments

Now Am Found

I found Curry Simple at the Piedmont Park Green Market!

Added by John Baird on August 3, 2010 at 8:32pm — 1 Comment

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