Curry Sauces - What are the HEAT levels?

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Despite popular belief, not all Thai food is spicy. This is even the case when eating in Thailand. Yes of course there are some very HOT dishes but really only about half of a Thai menu is spicy. So what about the CurrySimple Thai curry sauces? The same applies as shown below:


SPICIEST: Green Curry Sauce - This is NOT a hot sauce although does pack some heat. Just enough spice to allow the other flavors to come through.

MEDIUM SPICY: Red Curry Sauce - A nice light spice that can be enjoyed by most. Probably why it is the best selling of the curry sauces.

MILD: Yellow Curry Sauce - A traditional style curry that is also a kids favorite. Makes a great noodle bowl!

SWEET: Massaman Curry Sauce - Our testament to "It doesn't have to be hot to be amazing." 

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Comment by Pat Bryning on September 15, 2012 at 12:48pm

do you still make tom kah soup?

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