Curry Simple critiqued by our Thai au pair

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We were fortunate to have a Thai Au Pair live with us for 2 years who could cook the best Thai food! What I noticed is it was very time consuming for her to make it. She never measured, just used her sense of taste to adjust the ingredients in her dishes and she didn't make the food you find in Thai restaurants often.

I made Curry Simple a few times throughout her stay, as it is so fast and simple to prepare. She said the curry's were good. She doctored up the Thai soup quite a bit, adding lemongrass, holy basil, etc.
She said this was not like the Thai soup back home.

For us, since we have never visited Thailand, the Curry Simple products work and we truly enjoy them.

Good cooking to all,

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Comment by CurrySimple on August 20, 2010 at 1:36pm
Hey Melissa!

Thanks for the post. We are glad your Au Pair thought our curries were good and love that you truly enjoy them!

It is interesting when it comes to the subject of what Thai food is supposed to taste like. I have spent months in Thailand and have been to many Thai restaurants in every major city in the US. What is authentic? What is something supposed to taste like? I don't think there is any one correct answer. It will vary from state to state... region to region... country to country.

Our goal with CurrySimple was to make products that taste just like what is found at a Thai restaurant here in the US. We think we have done a great job judging from our customers feedback.
Comment by Angeles W. on August 20, 2010 at 12:58pm
I wondered how they stood up to the tastes of traditional Thai food eaters. I have had Thai soups in a couple of places, and they're not ever anywhere similar to one another, but they all claim to be "traditional." I think, as with any cooking, region has a lot to do with taste!

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