So, the question that CurrySimple prompted us to answer today set off a new storm in my brain. When I was working for a small appliance shop, there was a Thai place across the street. Thursdays were "pad gra pao" days, because that was one of the regular specials. It was sold at a reduced price AND came with a spring roll. Can't beat it!

Each week she made the pad gra pao, it was slightly different. I could tell, in the months before the restaurant closed, that the owner was finding it difficult to put her heart into her cooking (her husband had passed away, then she lost the building space b/c the building owners wanted to sell). I found a recipe online, asked her to look it over. She made a few changes for me, made the pad gra pao off of my recipe, and I loved it. I saved the recipe.

Unfortunately, when I moved several months later, the recipe disappeared during my move, so I no longer have it. I cannot find the original source online, nor do I have contact with the owner of the restaurant. I have had pad gra pao several places since ... but have yet to taste one that was as good as hers.

I think learning to make pad gra pao will have to be one of my cooking missions!


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